Parking Lot Etiquette by Randy Trani

  • This year has marked an all time high in bus ridership which is a great thing as it reduces traffic in and around the school.  As days grow shorter and more dreary its a good time to revisit some parking lot etiquette for those parents and students who do not ride the bus!


  1. Keep your speed down.  The Sheriff’s office has been conducting speed enforcement operations at the main campus and Springdale to help people understand the need to go slowly!
  2. Take turns!  If you notice that traffic is queuing up on the highway pause and let that person make a left hand turn into the parking lot so traffic can keep moving on the highway. Or if you notice that traffic is building up in the parking lot let a few cars out onto the highway as appropriate.
  3. Volunteer!  We have volunteer flag-people help manage traffic in front of the grade school every morning but we can use more!  Contact Dee Dee Hanes in the grade school office if you are willing to help manage traffic.
  4.  Ride the bus!!  We have room on almost every route contact Allan Greathouse to learn more about your particular bus pick-up time.


  • Thanks for all of your help in keeping our parking lots safe for students this fall and winter.