Corbett Softball – Pies available! by Phil Pearson

The softball team has had a very successful Thanksgiving pie sale.  Great bunch of girls.  And Rodney was an incredible help to us.
We made extra pies since we had the ingredients.  Can you post the following notice on the Corbett website?  Thanks.
“The Corbett Softball Team has some extra pies made during the Thanksgiving Pie fundraiser.  Pies will be available for sale Tuesday, November 22, at 3:45 at the exit from the grade school parking lot (near the cafeteria) and in front of the Middle School.  Choices are pumpkin, apple, and triple berry; each for $10.  Stop by if you could use an extra dessert for the Thanksgiving feast.  You can also contact either Rochelle Herge ( or Heidi Moritz ( to preorder.”