CHAMPS Valentine’s Day Fundraiser by Phil Pearson

For all those who love beautiful flowers and happy people, CHAMPS has a wonderful fundraiser for you. We will be organizing a group of drivers who are available to make Nancy’s Floral Valentine’s Day deliveries. They need drivers on Monday (February 12), Tuesday (February 13), and Wednesday (February 14).  All proceeds will go toward funding the Class of 2018 Senior Party.  Each driver’s route will take 2 to 4 hours to complete depending on the location and number of deliveries.  Vehicles should be SUV’s or vans with enough headroom for up to 30″ bouquets.  If you volunteer to drive and cannot make it, you will need to find a replacement driver for your time.
Times needed are: Monday (9am10am), Tuesday (8am9am10am11am), and Wednesday (8am9am10am11am).  Please contact Allie Dentler ( or Heidi Moritz ( if you are interested in helping out.  Thanks!