About Corbett Alternative Education Programs


Corbett Alternative Education serves secondary age students who need an alternative way to access their education.

What is Alternative Education?

Alternative education is designed to serve student’s educational needs and interests and assist students in achieving the academic standards of the school district and the state. (ORS 336.615). Alternative education may offer unique experiences not often available in traditional education settings, such as experiential education, integrated curriculum, therapeutic adventure experiences, social skills training, online and individualized programming (EII-1-Brief 2-Vol.III, ODE).

Who are the students?

  1. High School student (independent learner) – needs an alternative day/time to access a different school experience.
  2. A student is unable to access school successfully during school hours-referred through a Team screening process that involves a teacher, administrator, and an alternative education representative.
  3. Middle school students who need an alternative day/time to access a small group school experience with access to an adult tutor.

Curriculum: GradPoint for middle to high school age students.