2022-23 Online Registration Now Open

2022-23 Online Registration is now open for all grades 1-12 returning students, grades 1-12 new district students and grades 1-12 new out-of-district students already confirmed as accepted.  This is for all schools including CAPS, Grade School, Middle School and High School.

The Corbett School District is continuing its practice of online registration, which is the time to update your returning student’s profile.  Online registration will close at midnight Sunday, August 14th. If you already completed registration paperwork for your Kindergarten student, please don’t register again.

Student Registration web page: https://corbett.k12.or.us/parents/student-registration/

If you do not have access to a computer, please contact:

Main Campus:

Gr. K-5:  Carrie Evans, cevans@corbett.k12.or.us or 503-261-4236
Gr. 6-12:  Erin Gibbs, egibbs@corbett.k12.or.us or 503-261-4226


Nancy Gyerko, ngyerko@corbett.k12.or.us or 503-261-4294

Email is preferred.  We are open all summer.  


  • Do NOT attempt this process on your cell phone or small tablet.  You will need a large screen to navigate the pages.
  • Use the “Previous” button to see previous screens, not the browser’s back arrow.
  • There will be a screen asking you to view and accept five district policies (Name & Likeness Liability Release, Electronic Communications, Attendance, School Bus, & Student Handbook).  You need to click on the link or VIEW each policy before you click accept.  Two policies give you the option to opt out by downloading and submitting the form to the appropriate grade level office (Name & Likeness Liability Release & Electronic Communications).
  • If as a Current User your Online Registration starts on a screen showing Resume Registration and Review at the bottom, choose Resume Registration and not Review.

Parents/Guardians of Returning Grades 1-12 Students:
Go to:  parentvue.corbett.k12.or.us
Please use your ParentVUE account to verify all current grades 1 – 12 student information and to complete needed registration forms.  

If you do not know if you have created a ParentVUE account, contact Carrie or Brie (contact information above) to determine if you have a ParentVue account.  If you create a new account when you already have one, your registration will be denied and you will have to do the process again.  If you have any students that attended the Corbett school last year or previous years, you have a ParentVue account that you either need to activate with an activation key or log in with your username that was established.

If you created a ParentVUE account last year, please use the same user name and password to login. If you have forgotten your password, please use the ‘Forgot Password” link under More Options on the log in page.  If you have forgotten your user name, please contact Carrie or Brie (contact information above).  PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.

If you have never created a ParentVUE account, contact Carrie or Brie (contact information above) for an activation key.  Then follow the link to Create New Account and follow the instructions. Here is a guide for the initial steps: ParentVUE Activation Guide.pdf

Parents/Guardians of Students Who Just Moved to the District:
Grades 1-12: Go to: https://parent-corbett.cascadetech.org/Corbett/PXP2_OEN_Login.aspx
Follow the link to Create New Account and follow the instructions.

If you have a student who is entering Kindergarten, please contact Carrie Evans at cevans@corbett.k12.or.us or 503-261-4236. Email is preferred.