September 23, 2017

Archives for April 2011

3-D Fun!

Mathematicians this week explored 3D shapes, angles, faces and edges by building their own “3-D Cities”, featuring cubes, cones, cylinders, rectangular prisms, pyramids, to name a few. If you come by, check out their work in the commons!

Gifts of the Gorge

As experts of our natural resources in this beautiful place we call home, we’re learning even more about the amazing Columbia River Gorge! Along with buddies, each group was given one gift (the river, the forest, plants, soil, tourism and… [Read More…]

Oxbow Field Study

We’re going on a field trip! On Wednesday, April 27th we’ll be heading out to Oxbow Park for a day of geological discovery. We’ll be investigating evidence of flood, volcanic debris, erosion and landforms, as part of the geologic story…. [Read More…]


Students worked hard raising money for our school, to fund the final stage of our mural project and build an outdoor classroom! Please collect and turn in your donations. Pre-run stretches A blur of Cai 20 minutes of straight running!… [Read More…]

Corbett School District Outperforms State in Special Education

The Oregon Department of Education has released the 2009-2010 Special Education Report Cards. Corbett Special Education students outperformed the state average by more than 10% in reading and more than 38% in mathematics. These results demonstrate the quality of our… [Read More…]