January 20, 2018

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FAQ’s and More – What could the proposed new High School look like?

The draft designs and descriptions of the replacement for the existing Middle School are meant to stimulate discussion in the community about what this new building could look like. Help us gain an idea of what the community would want… [Read More…]

Conference Schedule

I’ve posted the conference times below for your convenience. Please let me know via email or phone if there’s been a last-minute change to your availability. I look forward to meeting with you this week.   ~Mr. B   Here’s… [Read More…]

Writer’s Workshop

 As we grow older, we’re able to identify what style of learning best suits our individual needs. For example, I thrived most when I was in a class where discussion was the main format. When asked to give a presentation… [Read More…]

September in Ms. Tucker’s Classroom

We are in the middle of a really fun and interesting unit studying the formation of the Columbia River Gorge. Last week we built replicas of Glacial Lake Missoula and watched as our “ice dams” of frosting and marshmallows gave… [Read More…]

It’s time for Homecoming & Spirit Week!

Next week marks a very special tradition at Corbett High School and is always one of my favorite times of the year as a teacher. The high school commons gets decked out with glittery red & black posters, students dress… [Read More…]

Field Trips, Goal Setting Conferences, and General Information…

Hello everyone! I had a great time this week.  We visited the Mt. Angel Monastery, Oregon Gardens, and did the ropes course at Camp Dakota.  I  counted about twenty students whose name I learned on this field trip.  I feel great… [Read More…]

Week of September 23rd

Another interesting week of school! Our students from Room 9 rotated to Mr. Blanc’s room this week for art. Mrs. Burda, his substitute, presented the art of M. C. Escher, and everyone worked on a tessellation project. Meanwhile, I taught… [Read More…]

Trillium Room Sept. 26

What a beautiful display of dioramas we have!  There are some truly clever and creative families out there.  We posted pictures of them on Wednesday (see the website). We’ll keep them on display through next week so families can tour… [Read More…]

Jarett’s Update

During the first week of school we began working on getting to know each other and had a great time doing just that. We have also been spending time in our core classes, P.E and enrichment. All of these thing… [Read More…]

Trillium Room ice age dioramas