February 21, 2018

Winter Sports Registration Deadline

High School Athletes,

REMINDER that Monday, 11/18 is the deadline to be registered for winter sports. Coaches will receive a list of registered athletes on Monday. Anyone not registered needs to do so by 7pm Monday night – or you will not be allowed to practice on Tuesday, or until you’ve registered. Athletic fees are due by the first game/contest.

The Boosters will be in the HS Gym lobby on Monday, 11/18 from 4pm – 7pm for your convenience, if you need to register. Laptops will be available, you can pay by credit card, write boosters a check that night or mail in a check.

If you owe an athletic fee from last year, or this fall, you will need to contact Craig Stafford at craigs@itwsealants.com, in order to complete your registration.

If you have questions, please contact Brenda Fundak at TFBF@aol.com

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