January 18, 2018

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Thank you!

A big thank you to Kaitlin Aho and Desiree Chiu for bringing a little magic to our classroom this season. Have a wonderful holiday and I’ll see you next year!

Week of December 15th

Santa visited our room today and delivered a big box of books for us! Each student picked one and should have taken it home today to read over the vacation. I will keep the Santa box in our room so… [Read More…]

Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Wold Dec. 18

     This week was really almost too fun to bear. The mood in the classroom was consistently…electric. (A nice way to say the kids were wired). We had quite a few special events. Both classes spent time with older… [Read More…]

Test Post

Test post

“Tell Me Something You Learned Today.”

Dear Families, I remember when I was a kid, I’d come home from school and my parents would ask me, “How was school today.” I always said, “Fine.” In the event there was a fire drill I always mentioned, “Fine…. [Read More…]

Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Wold Dec. 11

We had fun learning about the Maasai this week.  We saw some cool videos of their daily life in East Africa.  We made paper plate necklaces that resemble the necklaces they wear as well as a beautiful painting of an… [Read More…]

Week 16 by Kohl Cutler

This week in the Egyptian block students were required to turn in their final draft and move farther in their Group project. Our group projects are happening Monday and speeches are happening  the 15, 16, 17 of next week. We… [Read More…]

Week of December 8th

Room 9 has been operating at half-strength for the past couple of days. A dozen students were absent, due to fevers, appointments, vacations, and strep throat. Hopefully, all will return in good health on Monday! Thanks to all of the… [Read More…]

Let me paint you a picture…

READING: On an ideal morning, our reading time looks like this: Students are in the Commons reading their “just right” books to an adult (many thanks to Charlie O’Neal, Grace Schouten, Brooke Lowry, Nancy Young, Sidney Mitchell and others for… [Read More…]

Working Our Way Through Ancient Egypt

Your student has been working their way through the first big project of the year. This project includes an informative essay with a works cited page, a visual, a group project, and a speech. We have spent several hours of… [Read More…]