January 20, 2018

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Feb. 28th Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Wold

    Please see the previous post.  I posted last week’s newsletter the same day as this one.      This week, we took a pause from gorge studies.  We used the opportunity to learn a bit more about the… [Read More…]

Feb. 20 Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Wold

This newsletter is from last week.  We had a brief computer glitch that prevented us from posting it. We grappled with some pretty big ideas this week.  One of them was “Who really owns nature?”  This question came from a… [Read More…]

Week of February 23rd

Our pioneers have made it to Fort Laramie, but have endured some trials along the way. Dangerous rivers have been crossed, a dubious character going by the name of Professor Farnsworth duped some folks into purchasing his Miracle Elixir, and a tremendous… [Read More…]

Space, the Final Frontier.

Dear Families, At the beginning of last week, we finished our read aloud book Which Way to the Wild West? by Steve Sheinkin. Judging by the great participation the class had when listening to this book, the amazing questions that… [Read More…]

Week of February 16th

Our class has been brimming with excitement all week! Groups of students have banded together, chosen oxen and wagons, purchased supplies, and made ready to depart from Independence, Missouri, in hopes of reaching Oregon before the snow flies. Stay tuned… [Read More…]

Happy Chinese New Year!

Save the Date: Prom 2015

Corbett High School’s prom will be on Friday, April 24th from 8:30 to 11:30 pm. Location and theme to be announced next month! This dance is open to ALL high school students attending Corbett as well as dates from outside… [Read More…]

CAPS Intermediate Guide to Lewis and Clark & The Oregon Trail

The 2014-2015 school year has been extremely exciting so far as we have been taking a trip through our early nation’s history. After spending time in class talking about Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase, we followed the steps of… [Read More…]

Support The Kem Family in Their Time of Need

This last weekend school volunteer and parent, Brandon Kem was involved in a horrific motor vehicle accident.  The district staff and students are banding together to help the Kem family and children deal with this horrible turn of events. You… [Read More…]

Tongue Twisters

Dear Families, On Thursday afternoon of last week, we participated in our first ever Tongue Twist Off. What’s a Tongue Twist off? Well, if you were to ask me this three weeks ago, I would have had no idea. That… [Read More…]