January 20, 2018

Archives for October 2015

Practice Charts due Nov. 9 2015

CAPS Advanced Practice Chart Due Nov. 9 2015 CAPS Beginners Practice Chart Due Nov. 10 2015 MS Practice Chart Due Nov. 9, 2015

Practice Charts Due Nov. 2, 2015

CAPS Advanced Practice Chart Due Nov. 2, 2015             CAPS BEGINNERS PRACTICE due Nov. 3 2015 Middle School Practice Chart Due Nov. 2, 2015

Spawning & Sharing

Dear Families, Our highlights this week included a trip to Eagle Creek and a publishing party with Mr. Clark’s primary classroom. Our trip to Eagle Creek, despite the rain, was terrific! The best part of this field trip was it… [Read More…]

Week of October 26th

This week, we once again evaluated reading logs to analyze our reading patterns and (hopefully) see growth in our stamina and perseverance. Most students are being more responsible about recording reading each day, but some need to remember to write… [Read More…]

A Very Serious, Quiet Week (9) by Shaylene Moseley

This week we learned about some more serious topics then unusual, like the constitutional dilemmas, The Really Big One relating to the earth quake that is over due in this region, and then a not so serious mater but still… [Read More…]

Exploring Water

A Story of Friendship and Water “Look!  The duck lies flat (floats)!  I have something to show you.  Down here, on the ocean floor.  We gotta get the trash and dump it out! You can have the whale now, wanna… [Read More…]

Varsity Winter Cheer Tryouts!

Grades 9-12, no previous experience required! Learn your material for tryouts on Tuesday, October 27th, and Wednesday, October 28th, in the high school small gym from 6-8 pm.  Official tryouts will be in the same place, at the same time… [Read More…]

The Mighty Salmon

Students are invested in the story of the salmon. On Thursday’s field trip we got to see both hatchery and wild salmon, spawning and dying on our trip to Bonneville Hatchery and Eagle Creek. You have never seen students (or… [Read More…]


Dear Families, Thank you so much for taking the time and coming in this week for parent teacher conferences. It was phenomenal meeting with you. I greatly enjoyed the conferences with families of new children to the class as it… [Read More…]

CMS Travels to the East Coast

Last night’s meeting was a great success but we are still hoping that more students (parents/guardians are also welcome) will join us!  The trip is open to all current and former Corbett Middle School and CAPS students (grade 6 and… [Read More…]