February 19, 2018

Aaron Long

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Mr. Long and his lovely wife, Kris, have decided that three children is enough and enjoy spending family time together with their nine-, seven- and four-year-old children (Patchen, Grady, and Quinn).

Conference Sign-Up Sheets and a Roomful of Lawyers

First and foremost, I sent fall conference sign-up sheets home with your students on Tuesday for the conferences in two weeks (Oct. 19th and 20th). Slots are being filled on a first-come, first-served basis. So far I have heard back… [Read More…]

Dancing Cell Reproduction, Research, and more

What a great week. During morning meeting today, everyone in my class performed dances they choreographed to illustrate the stages of mitosis in front of the entire school. This will count as a performance for their CAPStone expectations if they… [Read More…]

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It has been a wonderful week, minus the plumbing issues we dealt with Wednesday and Thursday. I am so proud of the way this class learned the process of cell reproduction and took on the difficult task of turning those… [Read More…]

A Wonderful Week Two in Mr. Long’s Room

We have had a great second week in Mr. Long’s CAPS class. We shared “Martian Postcard” poems today and are getting excited about our trip to Seattle next week. Cell models and Frida Kahlo “Two You’s” pieces are due on… [Read More…]

Great First Week in Long’s CAPS Classroom

September 1 2016(Name game, vocab)

Great First Day in Mr. Long’s class

We had a great first day of the 2016-2017 school year today. Your student should give you parent homework (copies attached and due Thursday), they should be reading “The Lottery” (due Wednesday), and they should be finishing their student survey/portrait… [Read More…]

Lessons from a Slip and Slide

Our neighbors had a slip-and-slide party for their daughter’s eighth birthday a few weeks ago. And, as her friends covered themselves with shaving cream and joyfully careened across the slip and slide on their backs and stomachs, they passed my… [Read More…]

Morning Meeting: It Makes us Smart

We get it all the time. Those freshmen and sophomores cutting through middle school hallways to drop off little siblings or sign in to the office at lunch. Their arms full of textbooks, they make tentative eye contact with us,… [Read More…]