February 18, 2018

About Brian Lutes

Brian Lutes is a veteran Corbett teacher who loves his job. His favorite thing about working at Corbett Middle School is that he gets to have students for three years. This allows for strong relationships and great memories. He also loves his wife, twin daughters, parents, chihuahuas, and being in the outdoors.

Outdoor School Dates and Times

Outdoor School is April 23-28 Last names beginning with A-F going with Mrs. Church to Camp Namanu Last names beginning with G-M going with Mr. Neighbors to Camp Canby Grove Last names beginning with N-Z going with Mr. Lutes to… [Read More…]

Classroom Update by Cami Fouch

Corbett Middle School Crash Course Assignment By Cami Fouch   This year, the Corbett Middle School is doing a Crash Course! A crash course is where you choose a historical, modern, or scientific topic and do a 6-10 minute video… [Read More…]

Civil War Project Summary by Gavin Bogden

Civil War Project By Gavin Bogden of Mr. Lutes’ class Over the last couple of weeks, Mr. Lutes class and many other classes have been studying about the Civil War this project is called the Civil War Sim. This project… [Read More…]

Weekly Update by Ali Mitchell and Raegan Heffler

For the past few weeks we have been learning about the American Civil War. We haven’t just been reading passages out out of textbooks, but we have been doing a simulation to get a feel of what it was like… [Read More…]

Outdoor School Dates and Important Notes

Corbett ODS is Sunday, October 25th – Friday, October 30th. Outdoor School is for 6th grade only. Students with last names beginning in A-H will go with Mr. Lutes to Camp Arrah Wanna. Students with last names beginning in I-P… [Read More…]

Working Our Way Through Ancient Egypt

Your student has been working their way through the first big project of the year. This project includes an informative essay with a works cited page, a visual, a group project, and a speech. We have spent several hours of… [Read More…]

2014 Outdoor School

  2014 Outdoor School Need-to-Knows   Your sixth grader is going to Outdoor school this fall! Here are some things you need to know about dropping off and picking up your student.   Outdoor School is Sunday, September 28th –… [Read More…]

We Need Hay Bale Donations!

The middle school is looking for hay bales as part of an enrichment course project. If you have any hay bales you are willing to donate, please feel free to drop them off in the field at the entrance of… [Read More…]

81/2 Weeks Left!

The school year is flying by. The Middle Ages and Renaissance units went off without a hitch. We are now finishing up our human body systems unit and moving into a large poetry unit. We will also be studying animal… [Read More…]

The Middle Ages Unit has Begun!

We have started our Middle ages unit, which includes a simulation, large project, and a Medieval Celebration on Tuesday, December 17th. I am posting the requirements for the Middle Ages Project. King Lutes’ Medieval Era Unit Simulation   You are… [Read More…]