February 20, 2018


Corbett School District serves a little over 1250 students in K-12. The main campus houses a K-12 school with approximately 1100 students. The Corbett Arts Program with Spanish (CAPS) is a K-8 school with approximately 150 students. The main campus is comprised of three main buildings dedicated to academic endeavors, with two additional buildings –the multipurpose building (MPB) and the high school gymnasium– serving a limited number of academic needs, as well as providing space for lunch (in the MPB) and athletic contests in the high school gymnasium.

The grade school building is located at the west end of campus and serves students in grades K-5.  At the east end of campus the middle school –the oldest building on campus– serves the academic needs for grades 6-8.  The middle school building is situated closest to the Historic Columbia River Highway.  The middle school is also the home of Corbett School District’s central office.  Finally, the Corbett high school building is located behind the middle school building and serves the needs of all of the 9-12 students.

The CAPS school is housed in the historic Springdale School building also located  on the E Historic Columbia River Highway just two miles west of the main Corbett School District campus.