August 23, 2016

CAPS: Corbett Arts Program with Spanish

Opened in 2012, CAPS is a program option for families with children attending Corbett School in grades K – 8. This program is open to resident and non-resident students who are in the Corbett School or have been admitted to Corbett on a space available basis. If there are more applicants than space available for any given classroom, a lottery will be held.

What’s the vision?

CAPS began as a K-8 program with multi-age classrooms where the arts are integrated across the curriculum. All students receive classroom instruction in the regular disciplines such as math, science, social studies and language arts infused with arts education as well as specific music instruction and Spanish instruction. ‘The arts’ is a broad domain that includes visual arts, drama, dance, and music. We use these as a lens through which to view and understand the world and age appropriate curriculum as defined by the state. The staff at CAPS are committed to creating a unique environment to bring this vision to reality.

The renovation of Springdale School has provided a solid foundation to expand the CAPS program. In the near future, CAPS will feature a high school component that will provide a theatre arts department – something that has long been gone from Corbett Schools.

Integral to the vision for CAPS is community involvement. We welcome, encourage, and need the involvement of parents and others to help make this program thrive! And although theatre arts has been absent as a regular school class, we have had the benefit of an exceptional community theatre program in Corbett Children’s Theater (CCT). We are nurturing a strong partnership with CCT to augment opportunities for our students. In addition to CCT, CAPS is also committed to forming relationships with other community groups.

What does school look like at Springdale?

CAPS features two K-2 classrooms, two 3-5 classrooms and two 6-8 classrooms. All classrooms are multi-age and embrace the continuous progress model already present in Corbett Schools on the main campus. Students will, ideally, stay with the same teacher for three years before moving on to the next level. For students who do not bring their lunch to school, lunch is delivered to Springdale from the main campus, where we students and teachers both eat in our classrooms. Students in the middle school classroom travel to the main Corbett Schools campus for band/choir and are present on the main campus at the end of the day to participate in sports. Our staff includes:

  • Mr. Long and Mr. Neighbors (grades 6-8)
  • Ms. Steichen and Mr. Phillips (grades 3-5)
  • Ms. Brounstein and Ms. Lieuallen (grades K-2)
  • Ms. Luna (CAPS principal and Spanish instructor for grades K-8)
  • Ms. Berg (Music for grades K-5)
  • Ms. Gyerko (Administration)

How do students get to school?

Students are transported to Springdale from the main Corbett Schools campus and returned back to the main Corbett Schools campus at the end of the day to take their regular buses home. We also have a bus route that extends into Troutdale for transfer students who attend either Corbett Schools or CAPS.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

Please contact Lori Luna at or 503-261-4225. We are in the process of creating a FAQ section on the website for CAPS and your questions will help us with the development of that page.

CSD School Board Statement Regarding Springdale School (PDF – November, 2011)

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