February 22, 2018

Springdale School Update: How You can HELP!

Springdale Update: The District is continuing to move forward with efforts towards answering the question: What do we do with the Springdale School. We are currently investigating and putting resources into remodeling Springdale School for use as K-8 arts program… [Read More…]

Board Notes 11-16-11

The Board will hold a regularly scheduled meeting at 7:00 in the Grade School Cafeteria.  Before the meeting I will hold a Super Chat where I talk about things we have to be thankful for in Corbett! The Super Chat… [Read More…]

Confluence Project Grant Award

Gifts from Our Ancestors is a two-year art program led by the Confluence Project, local artists, and educators to engage over 2,000 local students in the exploration of traditional art and cultures found at Celilo Falls. In the Northwest, there… [Read More…]