Corbett Admission Information by Phil Pearson

The Corbett School District offers a unique educational opportunity in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.  Many people have requested information about accessing this rich program.  For a PDF of the information below, please click here.
Corbett School District Admissions Policy Currently, there are four avenues by which a student can enroll in Corbett School District. Each method is described below:
Corbett Residents: If a student is a Corbett resident they can enroll in Corbett School usually with as little as 24 hours notice. A resident student of Corbett need only to fill out all required enrollment forms at either the grade school or middle/high school office to begin attending Corbett School. Provided all required paperwork is received a student can usually begin school within 24 hours of registering. If you have questions about whether your house is in Corbett School District call the district office at 503 695-3600. Residents of Corbett do not have to pay tuition or go through any lottery to attend Corbett School.
Non Residents: If a student is not a Corbett resident there are three avenue by which they can attend Corbett School District. These three avenues are by attending Corbett Charter School, attending Corbett School through an inter-district transfer agreement, or by attending Corbett School as a tuition paying student.
Corbett Charter School: Is a public charter school that holds a lottery for students to be admitted into the school. Students from any district, including Corbett School District, are eligible to enter the lottery. More information on the Corbett Charter School and the lottery process can be found on their web site at:
Inter-district Transfer Students: Some students are able to attend Corbett School via an inter-district transfer arrangement. If you are a resident of another district and want to attend Corbett School ask your home district for the inter-district transfer request form. Each district has different rules regarding when paper work must be filed, as well as for what reasons they grant or deny requests. Research your home district to define the particulars of your situation. If your inter-district transfer request is granted by your home district then Corbett School District will consider your request. Except in rare cases Corbett School District grants all requests to attend Corbett School provided there is space available at the grade level being requested. After a student is admitted on an inter-district transfer agreement they must reapply to their home district every year to continue attending Corbett School District.
Tuition Paying Students: If a non-resident student is unable to attend Corbett School District as a Charter student or on an inter-district transfer request they can attend as a tuition paying student. Student tuition is $10,000 per year and can be paid on monthly installments.