Emergency Closures by Phil Pearson

PROCEDURES 2010-2011

When it is determined that weather or other conditions may affect normal school operation, beginning at approximately 5:30 am, telephone calls will be made and emails sent. Radio announcements will begin at approximately 6:00 am and be updated every half hour.

Notification of any emergency which could possibly lead to school closure must be directed to the Superintendent. He will then decide if the emergency procedure is warranted and should be initiated.

After receiving reports from various sources, the Superintendent will make one of the following
decisions: Continue with a normal school day; Impose a two-hour delay (HS would start
at 3rd period of a normal day, and run on regular schedule from 3rd period on); Exercise a complete school closure throughout the district, or Impose a closure involving specific buildings only.

http://www.FlashAlert.net is a website where parents or patrons can self-register to receive our information directly as e-mails or cell phone text messages. There is no cost to recipients for this service. It has a test function when recipients register to confirm that the messages will get past their spam filters, and an annual opt-in renewal process for each recipient, to keep the database current.

We also use a service called ALERTNOW that sends out informational automated phone messages and e-mail messages to our employees and students’ homes.