Welcome! by Lori Luna

Corbett Schools and Corbett Charter School (CCS) are pleased to welcome numerous new staff members to Corbett Schools and CCS. The district takes pride in seeking and hiring highly qualified and dedicated employees to serve our students, schools and communities. Please join me in welcoming the following new additions to our schools:

  • Ms. Sarah Dummer – CCS Middle
  • Mr. Richard Fergusson – Corbett High School Social Studies & Spanish
  • Mr. Zachary Goude – CCS High Chemistry & Algebra
  • Ms. Vanessa Knight – CCS Primary
  • Mr. John Neighbors – Corbett Middle School
  • Ms. Melinda Rousse – Corbett Schools’ Pre-School
  • We also would like to welcome back Mrs. Alicia Denney as the high school SPED teacher.

We’ve seen some additional shifts across the district, including:

  • Ms. Chiu will be coordinating grade school Special Education services with Principal Hanes.
  • Ms. Hubler and Ms. Loeung will be team teaching a Corbett School 3-5 classroom.
  • Ms. Shaw and Ms. Wold’s combined K-2 classes are now located in the newly designated Trillium Room (the former grade school library).
  • Ms. Luna and Mr. Pearson will each share administrative duties as Asst. Secondary Principals. Ms. Luna will be available in the Principal’s office in the middle school building from 7:30-10:45; Mr. Pearson will be available in this office from 12:30-3:45. In addition, Mr. Pearson and Mrs. Luna are available to meet with students or parents after school. Their office phone number is: 503-261-4209.
  • All CCS Primary and Intermediate classrooms are now clustered in the west end of the grade school building. All Corbett School grade school classrooms are clustered in the east end.
  • The new district pre-school classroom is located in the east end of the grade school building, next to Ms. Swanson’s music room.

Please join me in welcoming all staff back to school. We wish our staff members the very best as they begin their year at Corbett School District (CSD). Thanks to the dedication and passion of our expert educators, CSD continues to enable students to meet their maximum potential.

Welcome back!