Construction in Full Swing at Springdale School: Board Votes to Finish the Project by Randy Trani

Construction is moving along at an amazing pace at the Springdale School.  Most of the major demolition has been accomplished including removal of the old garage.  Excavation continues to provide a suitable rock base for the parking lot area.  New plumbing is being installed by the local Dallas plumber for the fire suppression system. The rear wall of the auditorium has been removed and is being reconstructed.

The Board after considering the project intently for more than a year decided to complete the entire project this summer. Although the board was split on the final decision the thought by the majority was that it would be cheaper in the long run to finish the project now, and take out a low interest loan to fund the project rather than spend down cash reserves.  Additionally, I mapped out a plan to pay of the interest bearing loan in as short a time period as allowed by the loan requirements (5 years is typically the shortest call).

Mrs. Luna and Board Member Oneal Inspecting the Auditorium











Auditorium Ceiling Removed: All Timbers and Posts in Good Shape











Future Home of CAPS at Springdale School
Garage demo complete, preparation for 12 inches of crushed clean rock for parking area under way.
Insulation Found in All Walls of the First 5 Class Rooms: Attic Insulation has all been abated and will be reinstalled. Wall insulation non asbestos containing.