SAT Prep – Bigger and Better by Phil Pearson

In an earlier post I wrote that CSD was preparing to purchase a license for College Board’s online SAT prep course for every Junior and Sophomore. I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be expanding those plans a bit.

As a result of our work with College Board, we are now able to administer the SAT to our own students on our own campus free of charge on a date to be set in late winter/early spring of next year. The SAT prep course is also included as a part of this package, so students will have an opportunity to prepare for the SAT over the coming months and then take the exam on their home turf.

So here’s the new plan: CSD will be administering the SAT on our campus free of charge to every Junior sometime in the late winter/early spring. The date is tentatively set for February 27th. In order to make optimal use of the opportunity, our expectation is that Juniors will be making use of the SAT prep course during the months leading up to the test. In addition, CSD will purchase a license for the online SAT prep course for all sophomores as previously planned.

Stay tuned for updates.