Thinking of Our Children by Randy Trani

I know I am echoing the thoughts and concerns of many when I express my deep and overwhelming sadness over the events that occurred today in Connecticut.  I sat in a room with the other 7 superintendents from Multnomah County while the news reports came into each of our email accounts and cell phones.  We had gathered today for our monthly superintendent meeting and one of our agenda topics was to revisit the School Emergency Response and Recovery Alliance (SERRA). Our discussion around SERRA became even more weighty in light of today’s desperate tragedy.

At a County level Corbett and other area districts are committing to reengaging collaboratively with SERRA.  At a local level we are reviewing our lock down and emergency procedures with all staff. Last week we tested our new emergency calling system. In our test last week the system only placed 1 phone call and 1 email per family, however in the event of an actual emergency the phone system will make repeated phone calls to all of the numbers we have on file for each family. During an actual emergency the automated phone/email system will be used to communicate the most current information to families.

We know that students may have questions and concerns when school starts on Monday. Staff stand ready to help reassure students.  We are keeping the families in Connecticut in our thoughts and as always we remain committed to the safety and well being of our students.

Randy Trani


I am attaching a link to a resource that parents may find useful for talking with students who have questions about this tragedy.  Talking with Children