Dangerous Situation Drill Planned for Wednesday May 22nd by Randy Trani

On Wednesday, May 22nd each classroom will conduct an exercise that will help students practice how to evacuate the building in case of a threat and where to hide when it is not possible to evacuate the building safely.  The best practice for escaping a dangerous situation is to “Run, Hide, Fight”.  The staff will inform the students that if there was ever an unsafe person or animal in the building the safest response is to “Run, Hide, Fight”, in that order.  Wednesday we will focus on the first two responses.

Each classroom will conduct the drills individually, with the exception of the high school which will conduct the drills during one period on Wednesday.   Subsequent drills will likely involve the entire campus. The drills themselves will only occur after age appropriate instruction has been given to students by their teachers.  These drills will not be surprises and are going to be delivered in a low key instructional format.

Finally, look for updates this summer regarding two full scale police/emergency responder drills that will be held in July and August.