Summer Enrichment Class Descriptions and Sign Up Email Contacts by Randy Trani



Corbett School District is pleased to announce summer enrichment classes being offered by Corbett School District teaching staff. Students sign up directly with the teacher via email contact provided and must submit payment to Corbett School District office no later than 1 week prior to the class start time.

Beginning and Intermediate Strings:  June 11th – July 25th

By Victoria Grimes (scheduling)

Age: 5 years – adult

Time: 9 – 9:30 am (beginning strings)

9:30 – 10:00am (intermediate strings)

Day:  Tuesdays

Cost: $27.00

Class length: 6 weeks

NO CLASS: July 9th

Payment/sign up deadline: June 4th

Materials required: String Instrument, Pencil, binder/folder

Student minimum: 10

Location: Springdale School


Piano Lessons W/Mr. Phillips:    June 10th – July 19th

Chris Phillips (scheduling)

Age: 5yr – Adult

Time: open 8am – 3pm

Days: M-F

Cost per pupil:  Per 30-minute session $23

Payment due/sign up deadline: June 1, 2013

Location: Springdale School

Offering piano lessons to any students at any skill level.  Mr. Phillips will accommodate all schedules the best he can.  Lessons will be once a week for a 30-minute session.  I am offering sessions Mon-Fri between 8am – 3pm. Parents do not need to be here for the lessons.  The lessons will last a duration of 6 weeks and then you can continue throughout the summer upon request.

Musicology w/ Mr. Phillips:  June 10th – July 18th.

Chris Phillips (scheduling)

Age: appropriate to instrumental experience

Time: 11am – Noon

Days: M-TH

Class Size: variable as band size allows

Cost: Dependant on band size – contact Mr. Phillips

Payment due/sign up deadline: June 1, 2013

Location: Springdale School

During this class, students with a basic understanding of an instrument who are wanting more experience playing with others at a similar skill level get an opportunity!  The idea is to get young musicians to choose music together, learn, and perform as a band.  I will be utilizing some of my contacts I have in the Portland music scene to come and help out or run small workshops while we spend time working as a group.  I will also bring in some basic recording equipment and software.  This will expose students to the recording process and to the business side of music by learning to build their own brand or label.  Students will meet three days a week (M,W,Th) for one hour each day.  The cost will depend on the general interest in the class and how many students sign up.  Please understand that students should be able to practice daily on any material chosen to maintain a positive learning experience for everybody.  The more students put into it the more they will get out of it!

 Math Workshop:  June 10th – July 19th

Chris Phillips (scheduling)

Age/Grade: 3rd – 8th grades

Cost:  Contact Mr. Phillips

Day: Wednesdays

Time: 9am – 10am

Class size: No minimum/Max

Location: Springdale School

math workshop:

Payment due/sign up deadline: June 1,2013

Mr. Phillips is offering a math workshop this summer to work on math concepts and math facts in a fun way!  There will be two focuses this summer.  The first will be helping emerging mathematicians transition between “Bridges math” into “Saxon math.”  Basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division will be a focus this summer.  Mr. Phillips currently teaches 6/5, algebra 1 and algebra 2.  Any students looking for additional help over the summer to prepare for next year should sign up.  The classes will be once a week for one hour each day.  The duration of the workshop is six weeks.  After six weeks, I will offer out extend the workshop to those who would like to continue.

 Nature Sketching : June 17th – 21st

by Yiana Belesiotis  (scheduling)

Age/grade: 8yr – 11yr

Time: 9am – Noon

Location: Corbett Grade School ~ Trillium classroom

Cost: $67.50 per student  / Extra Fee: $11.00 for class set of sketching & Charcoal pencils, water color

Class Size: 10

Payment/sign up deadline: June 10, 2013

Students will spend the majority of the morning exploring their outdoor environment focusing on observational nature studies.  Students will have the opportunity to use binoculars, magnifying glasses, and field guides.  Using sketching tools and water color pencils, students will keep a journal of the plants and wildlife they observe.  Throughout the week, students will gain a deeper understanding of life & physical sciences, along with environmental awareness.  Read aloud for the week: John Muir; My Life With Nature.

 Hiking the Gorge!   June 24th – 27th

By Dan Barnard  (scheduling)

Age/grade: 3rd – 6th grade

Time: 8am – 4pm

Location: Mr. Barnard’s classroom – Corbett Grade School

Cost per pupil: 10 students = $113  14 students = $82

Transportation cost is included with the fee.

Class Size: Minimum: 10   Maximum: 14

Students are required to bring their own sack lunch and a water bottle.

Hiking the Gorge is a GREAT way to experience and see different parts of the Gorge.  We’ll go on four different hikes in different parts of the Gorge.  We’ll check out different aspects of life science and physical science that the Gorge is full of throughout each day!

 Learning and Fun in the Kitchen!   June 24th – 28th

By Erika Pace  (scheduling)

“Pirates, Pioneers & Explores

Grade/Age: K – 5

Time: 8:30 -12pm

Minimum: 5 students Max: 15

Cost per pupil: $80

Payment/sign up deadline: June 17, 2013

We will be learning about pirates, the Lewis and Clark expedition and life on the Oregon trail.  We will use various recipes, crafts and hands-on activities.  Other activities to include making homemade bread and butter and making journals to keep track of different discoveries.  We will participate in activities that will help us dive into the lives of people throughout these times in history.

 Robotics workshop (beginner & intermediate) : July 8th – 12th // July 15th – 19th  (2) sessions.

Sue Handy  (scheduling)

Robotics workshop:

Age/grade: 3rd – 8th grades

Time: 8:30AM – 11:30AM

Class size: 8 – 14

Cost per pupil: $ 85 per session

Payment/sign up deadline: July 1,2013

Are you interested in building with LEGO, creating a robot, and learning to program it to perform simple tasks?  If so, join us for a week of fun.  Beginners will construct a robot and complete a series of training exercises, either independently or with a partner.  The class will include a challenge – which robot will be able to clear the most cans from the circle within a two-minute time limit?

Those with prior robotics experience will design, build, modify, and program a LEGO NXT robot to compete challenges using the Green City mat.  They will rely on existing skills, and deepen their understanding of construction and programming.  Which robot will emerge victorious in Friday’s competition?

Students may enroll in both consecutive robotics workshops, as each week will include a different set of challenges.

Break Dance & Hip Hop

Contact Tiffany Hedger for scheduling:

Age/grade requirement for class?        Grades 1-12

Introduction to break dance and hip hop by guest instructor and Paint Dance Co. member, Rachel Belling.

Date(s):     July 8-11, 2013

Time:        1:00pm – 2:30pm

Location:    Corbett High School

Drop dead date:    July 1, 2013

Payment must be made directly to the district office (1) week prior to class.

Also, please include information to support proper cost per student and number of students for fulfillment.

Class size:        10 minimum

Cost per pupil:    $30.00*

Extra fee materials:    *Includes $3 per person for Guest Instructor

Participants should wear comfortable clothes they can move in and tennis shoes, and bring a water bottle.


Learning and fun in the kitchen II  : July 29th – Aug 2nd

Erika Pace  (scheduling)

Age/grade: K -5

Time: 8:30 – 12pm

Class size: Minimum: 5   Max:15

Cost per pupil: $80

Payment/sign up deadline: July 22, 2013

This week we will have a different theme each day.  They will include bug day, super hero day, ocean day, the great Northwest day and dinosaur day.  Each day the kids will be involved in cooking, crafts, and different learning activities that will be based around each theme.  We will be involved in creative thinking/writing as well as many hands on activities.

 Color Camp:   Aug 5th – 9th

Abby Steichen  (scheduling)

Age/grade: 1st – 5th grades

Time: 8:30AM – 12:30PM

Location: Springdale School (Ms. Steichen’s classroom)

Class Size: 10

Cost per pupil: $100 + extra fee $10

Sign up deadline/payment due: July 29,2013

Come explore color and color theory with paint, oil pastels, collage, science experiments, poems, and more!  Students will look at the science behind color, how color influences our life, color in nature, and color in games.  Students should bring a snack and water bottle.

 LiterARTure :  Aug 5th – 9th

Abby Steichen (scheduling)

Age/grade: 1st – 5th grade

Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Location: Springdale School (Ms. Steichen’s classroom)

Class size: 10

Cost per pupil: $100 + extra fee $10

Sign up deadline/ payment due: July 29, 2013

Explore classic and modern children’s stories through reading and art projects.  We’ll read books such as “The Rainbow Fish” and bring the stories to life with projects using paint, collage, skits, music and more.  Students do not need to be a reader to enjoy this class.