Disaster Averted by Lori Luna

Disaster Averted
Never underestimate the value of dedicated employees! Today I would like to recognize Nancy Gyerko, whose dedication to Corbett averted a huge disaster. Nancy came into work at CAPS in the Springdale School this morning around 7:15 – that’s right…SUNDAY morning – to finish up organizing the DQ Bus riders’ information. She walked in to a leaking sprinkler connection that was spraying water all over the west hallway. There was quite a bit of water in the hallway, but luckily it had not spread to classrooms, the gym, or office spaces. Mark Wilson was called and he got the help we needed. The problem is fixed…there is no significant damage…school starts tomorrow morning…we are lucky! Lucky to have Nancy, lucky to have Mark, and lucky to have the beautiful Springdale School. Thank you!