Reasons to be proud of our athletes by Phil Pearson

It’s easy to get caught up this week in the tornado of news and views that have hit the airways and forget something very important: there are lots of reasons to be proud of our Corbett athletes at all levels. Here’s one – our girls’ soccer and has advanced to the final 8 in their state playoff bracket. Here’s another one: The girls’ volleyball team has also advanced to the final eight in their bracket. And here’s a third one: A fews days ago I got a call from the Principal at Riverdale High School. She told me that that evening, the Riverdale boys’ soccer team returned from a game in which they defeated our Corbett team. What the Riverdale players were excited about, though, was not the victory. Instead the Riverdale players were buzzing about the support and sportsmanship our athletes displayed towards them. The Riverdale Principal said “I’ve never seen anything like it. I had to call and tell you about it in person.” The card, signed by all the Riverdale players, is sitting in front of me right now. In part, it says “Your support is invaluable” and “with great admiration – the Riverdale Boys’ soccer team”. That’s the good stuff.