Winter Sports Registration Deadline by Phil Pearson

High School Athletes,

REMINDER that Monday, 11/18 is the deadline to be registered for winter sports. Coaches will receive a list of registered athletes on Monday. Anyone not registered needs to do so by 7pm Monday night – or you will not be allowed to practice on Tuesday, or until you’ve registered. Athletic fees are due by the first game/contest.

The Boosters will be in the HS Gym lobby on Monday, 11/18 from 4pm – 7pm for your convenience, if you need to register. Laptops will be available, you can pay by credit card, write boosters a check that night or mail in a check.

If you owe an athletic fee from last year, or this fall, you will need to contact Craig Stafford at, in order to complete your registration.

If you have questions, please contact Brenda Fundak at