More Information For Charter Families About Open Enrollment by Randy Trani

Hello, I wanted to take the time to reach out to folks and provide some information about the open enrollment process.   I know that people have many questions about what the Board’s decision to not continue renting space to the Corbett Charter School means relative to their student’s ability to continue attending school in the Corbett School District.   I spoke with over 50 families over the last two days and I reassured them that, if they choose, their students will be able to continue attending school in Corbett School District.  I want to reassure each of you that that is the case as well.

Also, I want to share with you a bit of the history that brought us to this point.

Eleven months ago, in April 2013, the School Board alerted the Corbett Charter Association that it would be critically examining the rental agreement and that it would be prudent for the Charter Association to explore different accommodations from which to conduct its operations.  Also in April 2013 the School Board made a commitment to honor the choice of non-resident students to continue their education in Corbett School District.  The article reassuring students they would be able to continue their education in Corbett  as well as a copy of the letter shared with the Charter School Association can be found at this web site.

On this coming Wednesday the School Board will meet to officially vote to allow all current Charter students to attend school at Corbett School next year via the open enrollment process which starts on March 1st.  Charter students will have priority in the lottery process.  Details of how to sign up for the open enrollment process will be shared after next week’s Board meeting.

The short version of this letter is that if you want to continue going to Corbett School District at Corbett School there is a mechanism called open enrollment that is free, easy, and everyone of you will have priority in that process!

In the meantime my email is and my phone is 503 261-4201.  Feel free to be in touch.

Randy Trani
Corbett School District