Troutdale Dairy Queen Bus Update for Non-Resident Corbett School Students by Randy Trani

Quick Update on the DQ bus for this year:

  • Only Corbett School students may ride the buses, not Corbett Charter students.
  • 313 people applied to ride the bus and we have space for only 240.
  • Students who ride daily both to and from school were given priority in the bus lottery.
  • We will only be offering service to the Dairy Queen parking lot in Troutdale.  (Interest was too low at the Sandy River Bridge location.)
  • Emails will go out next week to the 240 students who were selected to ride the bus.
  • Students must be to the DQ parking lot no later than 7:30 AM.  (Do not leave your student unattended in the parking lot.)
  • The buses will arrive at about 4:05-4:10 for drop off in the DQ parking lot.
  • We may add a second run later in the day to accommodate student who only ride “from” the school  if there is enough interest.
  • If space opens up we will allow other Corbett School students to ride the bus who are not in the first 240 students selected.