Calling all parents of Corbett 9th graders! by Phil Pearson

Calling all parents and families of new Corbett freshmen, Class of 2018! If you are anything like us, you are excited (and somewhat anxious) about our kids entering high school and beginning a new adventure. We already know that we have a great bunch of kids and a great school. We would like to start organizing a parent/family contact group that will help our kids (and us parents) successfully transition through the next 4 years, culminating in a fantastic senior year. There are all kinds of opportunities to help organize class activities, fun get-aways,
informational packages relevant to freshmen and high school, planning/preparing for college, and more. Together we can make this easier and more fun.

Initial steps that we are taking to make this happen: (1) please provide your contact information to either Heidi Moritz or Julie Murphy (email addresses noted below) to go into our contact list (please use contact info format suggested below), (2) start thinking about information that you might like to have that our group can help with, (3) let us know about any fun freshman year activities that you would like to see. Feel free to consult the kids for ideas. A few ideas that we have already talked about: a Wild Horse trip, trip to a water park, celebration for the end of A/P exams, etc. We will be organizing a start-up meeting sometime in September to get things going, so keep your eyes open for a meeting notice.

Heidi Moritz:
Julie Murphy:”

Format for contact info: Child’s name, Parents’ names and phone numbers, preferred email address for contacting.