School Bond Community Forum Hosted by Soderstrom Architectural Firm September 10, 7:00 PM in the Middle School Commons by Randy Trani

Volunteer Architect Henry Fitzgibbon will be hosting one of three community forums concerning the General Obligation Construction Bond that the School Board of Directors has placed upon the November Ballot.   Mr. Fitzibbons will:

  • Describe the Bond Process
  • Describe the Live Design Progress
  • Examine the financial Condition of a Resident Only District
  • Lead Small Group Discussions on the Perceived Needs of the District regarding: Improved Teaching Spaces, Better Space Utilization, Seismic Safety, Energy Conservation, Investment in the Future
  • Finally, Mr. Fitzgibbon will share a draft design of a new building AND incorporate audience feedback to modify the draft to improve the design to fit the communities needs.

The meeting will be held at 7:00 PM in the Middle School Commons everyone is encouraged to attend!!