Bond Information by Randy Trani

Corbett School District Bond Information

Is there a Source for Information About the Bond on the Web Site? Yes click here to go to a link on the main web page.


Why is Corbett School District Going Out For a Bond?  The current middle school building and lab facilities on campus Do Not Meet the Educational Needs of students, today’s Seismic codes, American’s with Disabilities codes,  Fire Life and Safety codes, or Hazardous Building Material codes.


What Will The Bond Pay For?  The Bond will pay to replace the existing 93 year old Middle School Building, create 2 new science classrooms, reclaim a portion of the existing high school for a library and office space, and create a courtyard between buildings for a fire truck turnaround.


Will the Bond Create Additional Class Room Space? No. This bond is not expected to increase the number of classrooms on campus but will add two new self contained science labs to replace the 1950’s era lab currently in use.


How Much Will The Bond Cost?  The $8.5 Million dollar bond will cost an estimated $1.46 per thousand of assessed value or about $30 per month for the average home owner in Corbett.


Is a $1.46 Per Thousand Less Than What Was Paid to Build The Grade School? Yes, the average bond rate paid for the grade school building was approximately $2.58 per thousand of assessed value, so this is about $1.18 per thousand less than the last bond.

What is the Term of the Bond?  21 Years


Where and When Can I Share my Ideas and Learn More About the Bond?  Board members, staff, and volunteers will be hosting drop in visits  and community forums at the Middle School on the following days and nights.

  • September 10th, 24th, and October 8th: Community Forums, 7:00 PM in the Middle School Commons(Presentation by Soderstrom Architectural Firm)

    • Description of Bond Process and Live Design Process

    • Open Discussion of Facility Needs

    • Opportunities to Impact Design of New Facilities

  • September 15th, 24th, 29th, Board Member Hosted Bond Information Meetings:  6:00-8:00 PM in the Middle School

    • Board Members Listening to Feedback

    • Board Members Sharing Their Thoughts on the Bond

  • September 18th, 23rd, AND October 2nd, Board Member Hosted Bond Information Meetings:  9:00-11:00 AM in the Middle School

    • Board Members Listening to Feedback

    • Board Members Sharing Their Thoughts on the Bond