AP Scholars Honored by Randy Trani

Corbett School District was honored to recognize the hard work of 91 Corbett School District students who were named AP Scholars, AP Scholars with Honors, AP Scholars with Distinction or National AP Scholars at their Board meeting on Wednesday September 17th.  Current students of CSD were invited to attend the Board meeting to be formally recognized while former students were also recognized with a slide presentation.

Some interesting statistics were shared with the audience:

  • Nationwide about 1 Million students took an AP Exam out of a total population of 14.7 Million, or about 6%
  • About 98% of the high school students in Corbett School District took an AP exam.
  • Nationwide about 4% of the high school population passed one or more AP Exams.
  • In Corbett about 40% passed one or more AP exams.
  • Nationwide about 1.5% of the high school population was name an AP Scholar or higher.
  • In Corbett School District about 22% of the total high school population was named an AP Scholar or higher.
  • Qualifying AP scores are accepted for college credit at about 90% of the Universities and Colleges across the Country.
  • As an example if all of the students at Corbett who earned a qualifying score last year attended OSU they would have generated about 4056 college credits worth about $766,584.

Congratulations Students and Their Families!