AP Seminar Offered to Corbett High School Students by Randy Trani

AP Seminar Offered to Corbett High School Students

We are very excited to announce that Corbett High School has been selected as one of only two schools in the state and about 300 schools in the nation to offer the College Board’s newest Advanced Placement course called AP Seminar.  This represents a remarkable opportunity for Corbett students as the wait list for schools to participate in this program stretches into 2017!

Students who complete AP Seminar and receive a 3,4,or 5 on their AP Seminar project and end of course exam are eligible for either the College Board’s new AP Certificate or the even more rigorous Advanced Placement Diploma.  As with other AP courses Universities offer college credit for scores of 3,4, or 5.  But more importantly this course will teach students the necessary thinking, synthesizing, reading, and writing skills to be successful in college.
This course is designed primarily for juniors and seniors however sophomores are welcome to apply.   Space will be limited for this course so if you are interested contact Mr. Pearson, or Mr. Trani during registration on the 10th, 11th, or 13th!