Corbett Board Votes 7-0 For a Bond in May: $.80/Thousand LESS than Grade School Bond by Randy Trani

The Corbett School Board voted unanimously to float a bond in May that would address the most pressing safety issues in the District.   The Bond is estimated to cost $1.78 per thousand which is $.80 less per thousand than the $2.58 average Corbett Residents paid for the Grade School.

This is a phased approach to the District’s facility needs, meaning it will address the most pressing safety issues first and other needs will be addressed in the future.   (A complete draft of the bond explanatory statement can be found below.)

If passed the State will add an additional $4Million of grant money to the project!

Further, the District is hopeful it will receive some of the $1.5 Million in Seismic Rehabilitation dollars for which it has applied. The District will find out in mid March if it has also received those grant dollars.


This bond is estimated to cost voters approximately $1.78 per $1000 of assessed value, annually. This is less than the average $2.58 per $1000 of assessed value Corbett taxpayers paid annually over the life of the elementary school bond.

The District has identified approximately $25 Million in facility needs which the District proposes to fund through a phased approach. This $11,900,000 bond and $4 million matching grant would begin to address a portion of those needs.

Corbett School District is one of only 16 school districts in Oregon to secure a capital improvement grant (construction) from the State.

  • The District will only receive the $4 million grant from the State if the bond measure is approved.
  • The District’s grant was allocated based on a lottery; the District and taxpayers may not have this opportunity at a future election.
  • These funds will be diverted to another school district if Corbett voters do not approve this measure.

If approved, this measure and the State grant would provide the first phase of funding for capital costs expected to address:

  • safety deficiencies, including lack of fire suppression systems.
  • seismic safety.
  • hazardous material mitigation, including asbestos and lead paint.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) violations.
  • Title IX (gender equity) violations in the athletic facilities.
  • transportation facilities deficiencies.
  • student space needs by refurbishing existing learning spaces and constructing new school facilities.
  • furnishing, equipping and making site improvements for all projects; paying for demolition and costs of issuance.

Bond proceeds will be used to replace the current middle school building.

If Corbett voters pass a bond in May 2016 the District would proceed to work on the Facilities Master Plan. The Facilities Master Plan process would involve community input, professional consultations, and the engagement of other stakeholders.

If approved, this bond would help the District comply with state and federal laws that protect students, staff, and community from hazardous materials, safety concerns, seismic deficiencies, and violations of both ADA and Title IX (gender equity in schools). Additionally, energy efficient facilities would save the District money.   

In addition to the Facilities Master Planning process the School Board would establish a citizen bond oversight committee to ensure that bond proceeds are spent properly and only on projects described in the ballot title and this explanatory statement. The citizen bond oversight committee would make regular reports to the Board throughout the design and construction process.

Bonds would mature in a period not to exceed 21 years from issuance. Financial audits and oversight will be required.