Corbett School District Receives $27,539 Grant to Install Energy Efficient LED Gym Lights by Randy Trani

The District has received a grant of $27,539 dollars towards the total cost of $32,793 for installation of new energy brighter efficient LED gym lights in the main high school gym!  Installation will be completed over spring break.   The lights are expected to save thousands of dollars by reducing energy consumption and they will reduce maintenance needs as each bulb can last more than 10 years.   At a cost of only $5,254 dollars to the District the energy saving generated by these lights will have paid for themselves in about two years.

Over the last six years the district has made a commitment to becoming more energy efficient.  You may have noticed the instillation of new brighter energy efficient LED lights in the parking lots over the last few months. Measurement and verification reports confirm that because of the instillation of energy efficient systems like these new lights, the new boilers, and the new web based control systems the District is saving more than $50,000 per year over baseline utility and fuel expenditures.

Stop by the gym after spring break and look at the new bright lights!