Important HS scheduling information by Phil Pearson

It’s hard to believe, but August is upon us and registration is next week. This time around, we’ve handled high school scheduling differently in an effort to streamline the process all around. After two rounds of course interest surveying with the students, draft schedules were emailed to students’ school email accounts on June 1. At that point students were directed to make schedule requests via email. Throughout the month of June, we received and individually processed about 140 responses. On July 15th, another round of schedule updates were emailed to students. That emailing generated about 30 more requests, which we processed. We will be sending out one more round of schedule emails to students on August 6th, once again asking students to make specific schedule requests via email.

Our experience with scheduling-updates-via-email this summer has been very positive. Our hope is that the scheduling crush at registration next week will have been significantly reduced. Paper copies of the student schedules will be available at registration and staff will be ready to help with scheduling requests as before. If you’d like to skip the line, however, ask your student to respond to the scheduling emails and we’ll follow up quickly.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all and having a good start to a great year!