School Open Monday September 11th by Randy Trani

This is Randy Trani with the Corbett School District announcing that the Multnomah County Sheriff as well as fire enforcement agencies have approved our opening tomorrow.  Both the sheriff’s office and fire agencies will be in continuous communication with the District should any unanticipated changes occur.  MCSO officials and fire officials would never allow us to have school if they anticipated an evacuation event was possible; however as a precaution the District does have an evacuation plan in place.  Throughout the day bus drivers will be “on-call” should the school need to evacuate.  A reunification center would be set up at MHCC.


The District is aware that many families are still in a zone three evacuation area and that other families have voluntarily evacuated. Like an ice event, if for any reason you are not able to or are uncomfortable sending your child to school feel free to keep them with you.
Also, bus service will not be offered in any zone three areas. This means that Road Runner, Casper, and Mickey Mouse bus routes will be restricted to level one and two evacuation areas.  If you have specific questions about bus routes please email Todd Williams at