First Week Update!

Hello Families,

It was a wonderful and busy first week of school!

A quick look at some of the highlights from our week:

Monday  – Transition Day!

  • 4th grade and new to our school students attended
  • Rotate classroom to meet all 4/5 teachers and to go over some important information  

Tuesday  – Our official first day with everyone.

  • Math class
  • Back to School Mingle
  • Strings with Mr. Blaeur
  • Selecting books to READ and ENJOY


  • 4th & 5th Meeting (all classes): Learning about Zones of Regulation & Calm Spaces
  • On-Demand Narrative Writing
  • Band with Mr. Kilgore
  • Science: An Introduction to learning about Mixtures & Solutions
  • Introduction to Reading Workshop & Reading INTENSELY
  • Peg people creations (student’s painted a mini version of themselves)


  • An introduction to how we will run Morning Meeting in our classroom
  • An introduction to “Llama Says” notes
  • Introduction to Writing Workshop
  • Reading – started assessments
  • Music & Movement with Miss O


  • Read! (we’ll introduce a home reading log next week)
  • Practice math facts
  • Finish up math lesson (if assigned)


  • I created a digital permission slip I’d like for you to fill out. I have collected 13 out of 25 responses. Here is the link!
  • I will post highlights on our class Instagram account. This is a private account and only people that I approve can view our class photos. Please be sure to fill out this permission slip so that I know if I can post photos of your child to our account. I would love for you to follow it. You can find it by searching: Mrs. Chiu’s Class or Click Here

Classroom Needs:

  • Volunteers: let me know if you want to help in our classroom (reading with children, putting together projects, correcting, copies, the list goes on!)

Upcoming Events:  

  • No School on Monday, Sept. 3
  • School day on Friday, Sept. 7

Have a great holiday weekend!