Week 1 News

Hello Families, First week down and I would say it was a great success!  There was a required of these guys right off the bat, but they rolled up their sleeves and got to work!  Here’s a few highlights:

Math: We did not switch classes, but stayed in homerooms in order to do assessments of where they are at.  The kids will find out what math class they will be going to on Tuesday.
Writing: These guys were troopers! We had to spend three days doing writing assessments for different genres of writing and they did great!.  This has given me a lot of information to work with in order to best move them forward.
Reading: We will start our first reading unit next week.  This week’s writing time gave me a chance to just observe reading habits and begin to get an idea about their levels.
Gorge Studies: This is our social studies and science time where we learn about own unique area of the Columbia River Gorge.  This first unit is about community, especially what it takes to build a strong community to work and learn together.
P.E.: We were outside for P.E. this week and I plan to spend P.E. time outside unless the rain comes.  Enjoy the outdoors while we can!  Today we did some running, and a couple soccer exercises to work on ball handling skills.
Art: We made self-portraits this week.  I love how they are turning out!  Most of them should be up on the wall by Tuesday when the kids come in.

I would LOVE  to send you some pictures here and there of what is going on in class.  If you have not signed the Media Waver that was on the yellow paper, could you please get it back to me on Tuesday?
VOLUNTEERS: Thanks for everybody who wants to come help!  I hope to get a list of needed times and jobs going before the weekend ends!
I will also send out our first field trip permission slip next week.  We will be going to the OMSI Planetarium in a few weeks.
I love your kids already and I’m so glad to have each one of them in my class!  Feel free to email me with any questions, worries, or funny things your kids have to say about school!
Enjoy the weekend!
Mrs. Lewis