Newsletter August 27 – 30th

Hello Families!


Welcome to all the new families to our room and welcome back to my 3rd graders! Every week I write an update on what we have gotten up to during the week in each subject. I’ll include a few pictures here but check the blog for more next week.  This year I have also created a private instagram group for our class called The.Chipmunk.Class.  This is an account only for parents and grandparents of students in this class.  



This week students took placement assessments for math and will begin class on Tuesday.  Your child’s math teacher will email to introduce themselves and the concepts they will be working on.



School always begins with narrative writing.  Students usually come back from summer bursting with stories to share and this is foundational work they will use throughout the year.  This week we took (more!) assessments in writing so we have a baseline to see their growth throughout the year. They wrote a true story about themselves, a informational piece and an opinion piece.  On Tuesday we will begin our deep dive into narrative writing.



This year we are beginning reading time by establishing routines and preferences as readers.  We discussed how to have a successful time as a reader (where do you read best? What kinds of books push you to read longer?)  Students got their first book bags and have been building reading stamina back up again.


Gorge Studies/Science/Art

This week we focused on get to know you and community building activities.  We did class bingo, class guess who, and class jeopardy! We also wrote a class constitution.  Finally we did self portraits in the style of Modiglianai! These will be finished next week.