Mr. Wallace Class Week 2 9/4-9/7


Dear Families,

This was a full week! We were busy readers, writers, mathematicians, artists, scientist, encouragers, and problem solvers.

Freaky Friday:

  • As many of you discovered, Friday was “Crazy Hair/Hat Day” for all of the 4th and 5th grades. We decided on DOMINIC as the person with the craziest hair. It was a very colorful mohawk.


  • Readers now have a home reading log to track their reading. They will fill it out when they read at home OR they can fill it out when they arrive at school in the morning. This form is given out the beginning of the week (this week it was Tuesday), and is due the following week (Monday, September 10th).
  • I have created a volunteer schedule for everyone who wants to come into the classroom to volunteer to sign up on. We are looking for volunteers at these specific times, but if you can come a different time of day, just let us know on the document what works for you. We would be happy to have you!  Here is the link:

Looking Forward:

  • School Photo Day is September 19, 2018 -Photo packets were sent home this week.


  • We continued personal narratives
  • Practice creating complete and detailed sentences
  • Telling the story from the INSIDE – the perspective of the character in the story


  • Writing well about reading
  • Building stamina
  • Chooses just right books


  • Observing salt crystals that we created from evaporating salt water
  • Develop a procedure to separate a dry mixture of salt, powder and gravel.
  • Learned about salt and it’s background


  • By Friday, you should have received an email from your child’s math teacher.


  • Students had the opportunity this week to draw self portraits, where half their face was created with interests while the other half was a drawing of them.

Tie Dye

  • We will be tie dying our t-shirts on Thursday, September 13 at 8:00 am.
  • Let me know if you can volunteer by putting your name in the slot on the volunteer document (see above).
  • Thanks for the $5 contribution toward the cost of the shirts and dye.

Zones of Regulation

  • This year we are working on helping each child to have a visual representation of their emotions.
  • We are developing ways to understand, recognize, monitor, and control our responses to what we feel.
McKenna Peterson