Wallace Newsletters 9/10-9/13

Dear Families,

This was a full week! We were busy readers, writers, mathematicians, artists, scientist, encouragers, and problem solvers.


  • Readers have a reading log that is due Monday September 17th. These logs are a way to keep track of their reading both at school and at home.
  • I have created a volunteer schedule for everyone who wants to come into the classroom to volunteer to sign up on. We are looking for volunteers at these specific times, but if you can come a different time of day, just let us know on the document what works for you. We would be happy to have you!  Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13acwSw9lfXNBk493LLZXO47WwxpgN8AlaSbLwkD7dVk/edit?usp=sharing

Looking Forward:

  • School Photo Day is September 19, 2018 -Photo packets were sent home this week.

Writing: Personal Narratives

  • Writers continued to work on editing, revising, and producing new narratives.
  • Writers focused on raising their level of narrative writings by including descriptive words that relate to the 4 senses.

Reading: Writing About Reading

  • Readers continue to build their reading stamina by reading 29 minutes in class today!
  • Reading to identify the literary elements (characters, setting, problem, and solution).

Science: Mixtures and Solutions

  • Investigators were challenged to find out what happens when too much salt is added to 50 ML of water.
  • We taught each other the different earth elements through theater.
  • Vocabulary: Saturation, mixture, solution, and solvent.

Art: Landform Art

  • Artists viewed examples of landform art in a gallery walk around the room.
  • We discussed what inspired these artists to create this art and what inspires us!

Tie Dye

  • Thank you to the volunteers that came to help tie dye the tshirts
  • Thanks for the $5 contribution toward the cost of the shirts, dye, and screen printing.
McKenna Peterson