Young’s News 9/10-9/13

Writing: Personal Narrative

  • Writer continued to work on editing,  revising and producing new narratives
  • Writer’s focused on raising their level of narrative writing by including descriptive and action words, putting in their thought and feelings and some pushed themselves and included dialogue.

Reading: Writing about reading

  • Readers continued to build their reading stamina
  • Mini-conferences about reading logs and expectations
  • Reading to identify the literary elements: Character, Setting, Important Events, Conflict/Problem, Resolution and Theme

Science: Mixtures and Solutions

  • The investigators were challenged to find out what happens when too much salt is added to 50 ml of water.
  • Vocabulary: saturation, solution, mixture, solute and solvent


  • Thank you for all the volunteers that were able to come and help with our tie-dye t-shirts.
  • Thanks for the $5 contribution toward the cost of the shirts, dye and screen printing.

Zones of Regulation:

This year we are working on helping each child to have a visual representation of their emotions.

We are developing ways to understand, recognize, monitor, and control our responses to what we feel.