Dawkins’ News 9/10 – 9/13

Dear Families,


This was another week filled with curiosity, new experiences, and learning to be good friends.

Picture Day:

  • School Picture Day is September 19 – Photo packets were sent home this week.

Fall Conferences:

  • Fall Conferences Days are officially October 10 and 11. I have added additional dates and times on October 8 and 9 to help busy schedules.
  • Please sign up for a parent/teacher/student Fall Conference using this link: Dawkins’ Fall Conference Sign Up
  • If you are having trouble signing up, please let me know.
  • If you need a date or time that isn’t list, please email me.

Instagram Account: 

  • We have a few more followers. If you tried to follow and I didn’t “approve you” please let me know. I am being extra careful before accepting requests.  You can look for mrs_dawkins_class or here is a link: Mrs. Dawkins’ Class on Instagram

Writing: Personal Narratives

  • Writers focused on raising their level of writing by setting goals, making a plan and then doing the important work of writing.
  • Many goals included: adding more details, including more action, dialogue, thinking, and feeling, including a time the author realized something, and making sure they include the “heart” of the story.
  • Writers continued to work on writing a “flash draft” where they wrote A LOT!  They will be revising, editing, and publishing their narrative.
  • This week in punctuation we used mentor texts to find evidence of punctuation…when and how it was used.

Reading: Writing About Reading

  • Reading logs were introduced this week. We may make some modifications to them over the next few weeks.
  • We continue to work on book choice and reading stamina.

Science: Mixtures and Solutions

  • Investigators were challenged to find out what happens too much salt is added to 50 ml of water.
  • We continued to work on how to write up a scientific inquiry.
  • Vocabulary: saturation, solution, hypothesis

Art: Landform Art and Self-Portraits

  • Artists viewed examples of landform art in a gallery walk around the room.
  • We discussed what inspired these artists to create this art and what inspires us!
  • Our team is working on a field trip to create our own land art…watch for an online permission form soon!
  • Selfies…the old fashion way. We worked to create self-portraits and will finish them up to display them next week.

Tie Dye

  • We had a great time learning about how to tie dye.
  • Thanks to Kaitlin Aho and Angie Heuker for all the help!
  • Thanks again for those that sent a $5 contribution towards the cost of the shirts, dye and screen printing.