Wold/Shaw newsletter Sept. 20

Dear Parents,

      Oh, how we love picture day.  Everyone comes in so fancied up.  Thankfully K/1 gets pictures early in the morning because the hair gel and clean shirts don’t last long.

     We have begun learning about the Chinook people.  They lived in this area long ago before any of us lived here.  We are learning about their homes, daily life, and how they cared for themselves.  One thing we did on Thursday was to make stick puppets of Chinook characters so we could do little skits about them.  The skits may not be quite up to the level of documentaries, but they are cute.

     The annual jog-a-thon is this Tuesday and Wednesday.  Our classes will jog at 10:10.  Kids who go to PE with Mrs. Shaw jog on Tuesday.  Kids who go to PE with Mrs. Wold jog on Wednesday.  Wear your best running clothes!  Pledge information was sent home earlier this week.  Please let us know if you didn’t receive it. 

     We are so appreciative of how supportive our parents are this year.  We asked for folks to tie-dye shirts and instantly had a troop of parents don plastic gloves and get to work.  We sent electronic sign-ups for jog-a-thon and all of our spots are already filled.  Thank you folks for helping us pull off this tricky thing called “school.”

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Choice tidbits from this week:

Please forgive this quote if it’s a bit crass, but we strive to accurately reflect the zingers we hear:

Monday was Constitution day.  Mrs. Wold asked, “Can anyone think of a rule that is soooo important that it is probably in our nation’s Constitution?”  A kindergarten boy offers: “Don’t kick guys in the nuts.”  The interesting thing is that none of the kids giggled or looked shocked.  They just all kind of nodded their heads like they agreed.