Wold/Shaw September 27

Jog-a-thon!!!!   Oh, how we ran and ran and ran and ran.  Then we collapsed.  Then we ate granola bars and marveled at how many laps we ran.  There’s nothing like K/1 runners.  They love to push themselves and give it their all.  Your little runner has brought home a card reporting how many laps they ran.  Please use this to collect pledges or use www.pledgestar.com/corbettpta to report pledge amounts to the folks who are supporting your athlete.  You can also visit this website to see how much each class has collected so far.  Maybe your child would have fun looking up where our classes rank. The website also shows how the PTA uses this money.  Please look it up!

     Despite the interrupted school week, we got some important things done.  Wednesday morning, we all loaded on the school bus to learn about bus safety from Mr. Williams.  (We call him the “bus boss.”)  This was an important prelude to our field trip next week to see Elephant and Piggie.  We learned about how to be courteous and safe on a bus.  A few kids even got to open emergency exits all by themselves! 

     Next week, we’ll be wearing our wonderful new field trip t-shirts on our field trip.  We’re going to pass them out at school and have the kids just wear them over their other clothes.  We wore the shirts for the first time during the jog-a-thon and it’s fun to see how a “uniform” brings out the team spirit. 

Choice tidbits from this week:

Teacher:  “OK, it’s time to practice reading.  Please pick up your book.”

Kindergarten boy (waving off teacher):  “Oh, no thanks.  I’m good.”

Mrs. Wold (choking up after reading the book “Hachiko.”):  “I’ve read this book 20 times before and I’ve cried every time.”

first grader:  “Well, I guess this makes 21.”