Wold/Shaw October 4

     One field trip down!  It’s nice to start with just a half-day trip so the kids don’t get too exhausted. Elephant and Piggie are so adorable.  If you’re unfamiliar with these books, please pop by the library to pick up a couple.

     Conferences are next week.  It’s really important that we keep to our schedule, as we pack each day back-to-back.  Please reschedule if it looks like you may not be able to come at your original time.

     It’s not too late to turn in jog-a-thon money.  Even if you never pledged, you can rest assured that the PTA will gladly accept any money you send their way.   This money goes toward the “special” things our school enjoys like the Elephant and Piggie ticket prices!

     Our school is part of something called “The Right Brain Initiative,” which helps schools encourage artistic thinking.  We met with our assigned artist this week and planned a fun multi-week program on drama.  That’s right!  The kids will be getting drama lessons.  We’re so excited to bring in an expert for this fun experience.

     One our least favorite visitors is beginning to make the rounds:  head lice.  Please check your child’s head this weekend and remind them to never pile their coat on top of other kids’ coats.

Choice tidbits from this week:

Child holding the picture book Mercy Watson:  “Look, Mrs. Shaw.  I’m reading the Bible!”

Child after snack time (9:35):  “Is it time to pack up to go home?”

Teacher:  “So, tell me what this book was about.”

Child:  “You could just read it and find out for yourself.”