Mrs. Young’s Newsletter

Good Evening Families~ Here is a quick run-down of our week:


Hi! Everyone took their spelling tests today and will receive new words on Monday. Please have your child practice their words next week.


  • Next week we begin a new reading unit: Tackling Complexity – Moving Up Levels of Nonfiction.
  • Nonfiction text can be complex and raise important challenges.
  • Readers will be working on strategies to help with these challenges.  


Writing- Informative

  • Writers have become journalist this week!
  • Students observed events on the playground and in the hallway. They jotted notes about “who, what, when and where”.  
  • We had surprise guest come disrupt our class and they each wrote an informative story about the event. The students included dialogue, who was involved, and time of day/place it occurred.


cARTography- We are excited to start a new unit that focuses cARTography that will transition into explorers. This week we focused on:

  • cARTography: the art of map making
  • History of cARTography
  • The purpose of Longitude and Latitude


Right Brain Initiative- DRAMA

Please ask your child about:

  • The Name Game (with the ball)
  • Mystery Gift
  • Tableau or family portrait game


Halloween- A friendly reminder:

  • Costumes and any accessories should remain home
  • If your child is wanting to bring candy to school for a special treat, please have a chat with them regarding portion (how much to bring) and the appropriate time to have their treat.


PTA: Box Tops:

  • Box Tops: The PTA is continuing to collect Box Tops for Education. A labeled jar is located in our classroom.

Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great weekend!