A Week in Houck’s Crazy Class – by Austin Santosa

Every week one of the students in our class gets to sit out the super quiz and write about what we’ve been doing.  This week’s writer was 8th grader Austin Santosa.  Thanks, Austin!

This week at Corbett Middle School we learned and studied a bunch of things and I’m going to tell you all about it. Starting off on Monday, of course everyone hates it because it’s the beginning of the week and the end to our fun weekend. By fun I mean staying home all day and doing nothing. Anyways we started our morning with a freewrite. The freewrite was trying to name all the 50 states of America on a sheet of paper. The highest score someone got was around 40. After the freewrite we did vocab. Vocab is when we learn in depth about 10 words. Some are common but most of them are words that we have never heard of before.

After vocab we learned about all of the different types of government and how they work. We learned about the government all throughout the week. Shortly after we learned about the government we watched a little video on Stranger Things. We talked about how a setting can change mentally. After this we had math, read aloud, lunch, break and reading. We always have those 5 topics everyday so I don’t really need to go in depth about it.

After reading we read this packet all about the government and after that we had to fill out a paper about what we learned. Afterwards we got assigned our Raised By poem. It’s a poem about our lives and all of the stuff we had when we were growing up. So it can be about anything you grew up with. Like shows, sports, food, the important people in your life, and so much more.

On Tuesday we did the same thing. Read more about America’s government, work more on our Raised By poems and basically did the same thing on Monday. We just worked on our projects more and more. The only thing that we didn’t do on Monday that we did on Tuesday was vocab and watch another part of Stranger Things.

On Wednesday we had an important test. The fake bar exam. The bar exam is a test that you have to take if you want to be a lawyer. The test is a very hard test that you have to study for years. Mr. Houck said his sister had to study for the test for 2 years and even then she didn’t pass it, so she had to take it again another time. We did the bar exam but a worse version of it. It wasn’t the actual thing, it was a knockoff bar exam which was still pretty hard for some people. We also didn’t study the test for 2 years, we’ve only been studying for a couple days. If we passed the bar exam with a 80% or higher we could participate in a game we did in the afternoon.

The game was answering Constitutional law questions on the T.V., Jeopardy style. Of course the winners had a prize. The prize was a Reese’s cup. Of course Mia’s group won again, but that’s okay, we are used to it by now.

On Thursday we just did the same thing again. Worked on our memoirs and poems and reviewed what we learned over the past week. We also watched a video of the Cookie Monster which was pretty funny. It was about how important a cookie is to him. In the afternoon we did the super quiz and reading letter #4. A reading letter is where you answer the questions Mr. Houck asks you about your book.

We went over only a week in Mr. Houck’s class. Imagine what it will be like for another 7 months until summer break!